What Is Regenerative Fashion?

What Is Regenerative Fashion?

Regenerative fashion refers to a sustainable farming practice that better benefits the earth and fashion industry.

To understand what regenerative fashion is, we first need to look at regenerative agriculture. This type of farming has been coined the new sustainable or organic farming not only because of its natural practice, but also because of what it gives back to the earth.

Not only does this type of farming omit chemicals, but it also works to strengthen and replenish the soil, plants and nature surrounding it. Considering most of our clothes start off as plants, it comes as no surprise this new method is becoming popular within the fashion industry.

To compare this method to a modern-day farm you’d typically see in the countryside, regenerative farming doesn’t use pesticides or conventional farming methods like deep tilling – something that contributes negatively to soil quality.

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A regenerative farm is the opposite of this, with diverse crops across fields planted in such a way to help each other grow and blossom. “Cover crops” to shade soil and “pollinator strips” to attract butterflies and bees – all to replicate what nature already does.

This type of farming produces stronger crops and has an astounding environmental impact on soil. As we know, carbon is abundant in our atmosphere and the rich soil this type of farming maintains – works to sequester carbon from that atmosphere. You guessed it – good old photosynthesis!

Earth’s natural cycle is to absorb the carbon in the air and in turn feeds microorganisms and mycelia. Humans’ impact on earth has done nothing to maintain this cycle and our atmosphere is overloaded with carbon – in turn warming our planet.

And this is where regenerative fashion comes in! If the fashion industry were to shift its supply of material using the regenerative farming method – then not only would we be giving back to the earth but also creating a scientifically sustainable future within the fashion market.

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