3 Ways You Can Show Support For Ukraine

3 Ways You Can Show Support For Ukraine

Here are 3 ways you can help the people in Ukraine following the recent conflict.
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As a brand that cares about the planet we live on, we always want to provide our readers with meaningful ways to inspire action.

As more lives are threatened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – we’ve gathered some accessible ways in which you can support the millions of people being affected by the conflict.

3 Ways You Can Show Support For Ukraine


Global organisations are providing support to people in Ukraine and the refugees seeking medical and humanitarian aid. Donating to the cause is a great way to help, but sometimes knowing which organisation to trust can be difficult. The British Red Cross is raising funds for water, medical supplies, food, and shelter in Ukraine.

Here is a list of medical support organisations vetted by Help Save Ukraine. Click here to view the full list.



Taking action does not necessarily mean joining a protest (even though peaceful protests are a good way to support if you’re not in a financial position to donate). Click here to find your nearest protest.

Taking action could also mean using the power of social media to create awareness of the situation. Showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine through the right social media accounts and use of hashtags is a good way to bring attention to the issue.

Be vigilant and aware of the fact there is a lot of fake news and misinformation spread through social media. Ensure that the information you receive is followed up by research and provided by vetted sources.

Stand With Ukraine, Svidomi, and Ukrainians in Solidarity, are all good Instagram accounts to follow.



If you feel you can’t cope with the impact these issues are having on your mental health, then reach out to people who can help. Times like these can be scary and worrisome, causing stressful and anxious symptoms in our daily lives. 

The Mental Health Foundation and Mind are working constantly to aid those suffering with mental health problems and are always there to help if you feel you need it.

Most importantly, stay connected with your friends, families, and neighbours – checking in will be beneficial to maintaining a good mental wellness for yourself and those around you.


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