Our Supply Chain

We’re proud to have transparency in our supply chain with all Fanfare Label clothes handcrafted by the team in our East London studio or by one of our trusted suppliers just a short distance away.

There are endless benefits to keeping our manufacturing local, these are just some of the reasons we love to do things this way:

We are able to provide jobs for women in our community that support their skills and crafts. This guarantees them a safe work environment and as a minimum, we pay a fair living wage.

We can reduce the carbon footprint of our garments as we don’t need to import our finished clothes into the country by air or sea – instead, a member of the team goes to collect them from within London’s low emission zone.

We can collaborate with our suppliers and offer a lifetime repair promise on all garments to align with our circular business model.

Let’s not get tired of doing good.

Whilst our supply chain is transparent and demonstrates what the fashion industry could and should look like, the industry needs urgent radical change to protect workers.

All our manufacturing takes place in East London, a short distance away from the Fanfare Label Studio.

At the beginning of our journey, we established key relationships with all our suppliers and have been with them ever since. We enjoy visiting all our manufactures, building lasting strong relationships is key to supporting local craftsmanship.

Providing jobs for people in our community is extremely important to us as a brand as it means we can support local skills and traditions.

Every item is carefully designed with thorough attention to detail and we work hand-in- hand with our suppliers to combine material innovation with traditional techniques that have stood the test of time.

Each year on Anti-Slavery Day, we work with human trafficking charities to help eradicate slavery from fashion supply chains globally.

Our team has been built on the foundations to have a real, measurable positive impact on the fashion industry and proving that sustainable fashion can be contemporary, design led and circular.

We always love to hear from charities that support the fair treatment of fashion industry workers and the empowerment of women in vulnerable communities. If you’d like to discuss a partnership with Fanfare Label, please get in touch here.

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