Positive impact

At Fanfare Label, we want to turn the tables so that the only impact we have on the world is a positive one.

In 2022 we introduced our Impact Fair Campaign to share with our customers the positive impact Fanfare Label products have on reducing the fundamental issues caused by the fashion industry.

This new feature allows you to track your positive impact and the positive savings you make by shopping with us vs another retailer.

This is only the beginning…

500 metres

of fabric saved, reducing the 2.24 million textile waste already in landfills

1,445,305 L

of water saved by using recycled, organic & linen materials

23,481 km

driving emissions co2 saved from recycling & using sustainable fabrics

6000 hours

of skilled work created in the UK, providing fair pay & working conditions

(estimates calculated internally at Fanfare Label)

We treasure waste.

We rescue textiles destined for landfill and reuse these materials which are already in circulation, rather than producing something new.


On average 14 million tonnes of clothing are trashed each year in the US alone; putting them through a recycling programme would be the equivalent of taking 7.3 million cars and their carbon dioxide off the road every single year.

We purify air.

We keep manufacturing local to our studio in London’s low emission zone, rather than spreading our supply chain all around the globe, meaning no unnecessary transportation of our garments by sea or air.


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation notes that the fashion industry produces an estimated 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) per year - more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. For every ton of clothing that gets recycled, it saves 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

We save water.

We consider how customers can access fashion without using up precious natural resources and use certified organic cotton for our Sustainably Created collection to protect water supplies and stop the use of poisoning textiles.


Cotton is one of the thirstiest fibres in fashion and according to WRAP, cotton production accounts for 69% of the water footprint of fibre production for textiles. One kilogram of cotton, (equivalent to the weight of a shirt and pair of jeans) can take as much as 10,000–20,000 litres to produce, depending on where in the world it is grown - this is an ecological, economic and social disaster.

Shopping with Fanfare Label

When you choose to invest in one of our circular fashion pieces, your purchase is a vote for a responsible fashion industry.

We want to empower you to make an informed choice when you consume fashion and so we work with key partners to support us in predicting our environmental savings based on the fabrics we use in our collections. We have researched the environmental impact of different garments we produce so you can see exactly how you’re contributing to making positive savings that benefit our beautiful planet.

1 pair of our recycled jeans saves:

9500 litres of water

34 kg of CO2 emissions

1kg of waste from UK landfills

1 of our organic cotton garments saves:

410.4 days drinking water

113 hours of bulb energy

0.8 km driving emissions

And that's not all.

Each piece also supports around 1.5 days of fair working conditions and pay for local artisans in London.

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