Meet The Fans – Daisy Jordan

By Fanfare Label

After our discussion on Sustainability Hour, this week we meet Fanfare's fan, Daisy Jordan. She styles our Recycled and Organic Cotton bodice jumper, Recycled jeans and Organic Cotton backless jumper.

If you have a pair of jeans that you would like to repurpose, redesign & recycle either place an order here and our design team will get in touch. Alternatively if you have any questions email:

Fanfare label sustainable women’s clothing, shop our organic cotton backless jumper

After a discussion on Wear Next all about Fanfare's sustainability and the future of the brand during Fashion Revolution Week; the perfect opportunity arose to style some of Fanfare's signature pieces.

'Made from 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton, this backless jumper is as chic as it is guilt-free to wear.

We’re wearing ours with a pleated check skirt.'

Fanfare label sustainable women’s clothing, shop our high waisted blue recycled jeans

After sending off a pair of old jeans and transforming them with our signature wool stripes creates a unique one-off piece to keep forever.

'We’re wearing ours with chunky black boots and a sweatshirt layered over a shirt.' - It's the ideal combination for transitional styling.


Fanfare label sustainable women’s clothing, shop our organic cotton bodice navy jumper

'Made from 100% GOTs certified organic cotton and recycled offcuts, this bodice-style jumper is contemporary and flattering. We’re in love with the extra-long sleeves.

We’re opting for oversized, slouchy denim – one of this year’s most popular trends – with the jumper.'

Shop the collection.

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