Your Quick Guide To Sustainable Fashion

Your Quick Guide To Sustainable Fashion

In an era marked by fast fashion and fleeting trends, we've put together a quick guide to sustainable fashion to help you understand the current state of the fashion industry.

According to Fashion Revolution's 2023 Fashion Transparency Index, only 44% of the major fashion brands can define what they mean by 'sustainable'. So let's explore the current state of sustainability in the fashion industry and how we can go about embracing sustainable fashion today. 

What is 'sustainable fashion'?

Sustainable fashion is a broad term for clothes that can stand (or 'sustain') the test of time, whilst also protecting the environment and the people producing the clothes.

The fashion industry currently accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 20% of wastewater in the world (source: BBC). The true cost of fast fashion and disposable trends can be seen in the impact it's having on garment workers and our environment.

This is why it's imporant that the major fashion brands should face scrutiny from their consumers.


What does sustainability in fashion look like?

A one-time sustainable collection or 'conscious collection' won't make a difference. What will makes a difference is when the goals of sustainability are embedded into every step of the garment's supply chain.

The goal of sustainable fashion is to:

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce waste and pollution
  • Address overproduction
  • Support biodiversity
  • Provide safe working environments for garment workers
  • Provide garment workers with a fair wage

From the design process to the clothes' afterlife, fashion brands should strive to minimise their impact on our planet.

Currently, only 52% of the major fashion brands have disclosed their first-tier supplier list.

A huge 88% still do not disclose their annual production volumes, obscuring the scale and truth of overproduction.

(source: Fashion Revolution).

What is 'Greenwashing'?

In the fashion industry, 'greenwashing' is a term that can be used to describe clothes or collections that appear to be sustainable when in actuality they are not. Greenwashing is often used as a marketing tactic to try and trick people into thinking that they're buying sustainable garments.

The United Nations describes greenwashing as:

...misleading the public to believe that a company or other entity is doing more to protect the environment than it is, greenwashing promotes false solutions to the climate crisis that distract from and delay concrete and credible action.

(Source: United Nations)

How can we embrace sustainable fashion?

Trends come and go, but embracing sustainable fashion is forever. By supporting sustainability, you're supporting ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Together we can advocate for a fashion industry without compromise.

Buying to last and removing the idea of fast fashion is only one of the many ways we can embrace sustainable fashion. Check out our blog post on how you can build a more sustainable capsule wardrobe for more ideas.

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