Meet the Fanfare Family: Esther

Meet the Fanfare Family: Esther

Introducing Esther, our Fanfare Label Founder.
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Introducing Esther, our Fanfare Label Founder.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

 My name is Esther and I am the founder of Fanfare Label. I am a Northerner living and working in London – splitting my life between the busy city and the countryside.

I have worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years now within buying, working for many high street & designer brands including Vivienne Westwood.

But the real story began when Esther witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of the fashion industry. Buyers are trained to hit margin targets no matter what the cost is to people or the environment, Esther saw witnessed the unethical, exploitive issues within the industry and began working on a solution.

We are now an all-female team based in East London and we take great pride in each of our collections. Everyone involved has the same set of values – to make a real difference in the fashion industry and using our experience to redesign the way we make and wear our clothes.

As a buyer you are responsible for everything in a production line, you take the entire process from sketch to store. Therefore, if there is an unethical part of the supply chain, buyers impact this directly. Buyers are trained to hit margin targets no matter what the cost is to people or the environment and I was witnessing first-hand all the unethical behaviour from the industry. 

It has become a race to the bottom on cost resulting in corner cutting and we are seeing globally vulnerable people and children in slavery situations.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?

Getting out in nature! Long walks with our dog and family time is just the best. I love catching up with friends and enjoying drinks, brunches and dinners. 

Why did you start Fanfare Label? 

When I started researching sustainability, many of these factors changed my outlook on the whole fashion supply chain. I began questioning why many brands just think about profit margins and are not considering the wellbeing of the people that are making their clothes or the wellbeing of the planet.

But fashion doesn’t have to be this way. I realised I couldn’t be part of this industry in the same way anymore. Rather than leaving it, I decided to create a business that tackled this issue head on.

That’s when Fanfare Label was born.

I am so proud of how far we have come. Deemed a pioneer in the fashion industry & regularly featured in press from all around the world, Fanfare Label has won the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards “One’s To Watch” 2022, the German Sustainable Design Award 2021 and has been featured at London Fashion Week for three seasons in a row.

More recently, Fanfare Label has been named a finalist in three categories in the Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023 (announced April 2023). These categories are: Sustainable Textile Innovation, Best Supply Chain Initiative and Best Circularity Initiative.

Fanfare Label has been featured in Vogue, BBC, Forbes, Glamour, Grazia, The Sunday Times & Drapers, to name just a few. Fanfare Label has also hosted several events including working with Oxfam, Retail Week, The Fashion Revolution & International Justice Mission to raise awareness on sustainability.

If you could describe your style in 3 words...

Casual, Minimal, Different.

What are your favourite sustainable brands?

Honest, Amidst Studios, and Craw Ceramics.

What is your favourite thing about working at Fanfare Label?

Seeing it growth and expand! It has been a brilliant journey over the last few years building Fanfare Label. We have hit some crazy milestones and it makes me very proud. The team are wonderful and it we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. 

What are your top 3 products from Fanfare Label?

Love the Navy Linen Coord Set. - As it suits every body shape and is super flattering.

Wool jeans – this is our signature jean – I love it because it was the first jean we ever launched and it brings back great memories of building Fanfare Label from the ground up.

Midsummer trousers – this is a brilliant addition to any seasonless wardrobe and a brilliant extra in our collection. Designed by Monique, this style lends itself well to styling either with a cosy knit for winter or strappy top for summer!

A fun fact about yourself?

I used work in a kitchen through school before starting my fashion / business journey and I am a brilliant cook.

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