Keep Hold Jeans

Discover fully transparent Keep Hold Jeans Collection – ​​from sourcing the fabrics, through to the production. Fanfare Label jeans are made using post-consumer recycled cotton and organic cotton. These jeans are made for you to keep hold and cherish them forever.


The design embellishments include interpretation of the patterns and textures of bark trees, dandelions and eucalyptus trees.

In particular, the crackled wood represents the tree's life coming to an end but the mushrooms taking over to provide nutrients to other organisms and continue the biodiversity of the forest which plays an important role in the ecosystem. Fungi have the power to bring life back to areas of distress.

Another key theme in the collection is using up textile waste and incorporating it into our design.

We have used waste from recycling plants to patch up our new denim collection and as a circular brand we came up with a solution for our excess jeans.

About Fanfare Label

Circularity, longevity and innovation drive the design for every creation at Fanfare Label and our award-winning collections are the go-to for those seeking seasonless, contemporary clothing. 

Jeans in the Keep Hold Collection include timeless and unique designs that you can wear as a statement piece for any occasion and create your sustainable and ethically made outfit around it.

Mix & Match our Keep Hold jeans with other Fanfare Label items to build your timeless and sustainable wardrobe.

Award winning sustainable product