Using clothing as an expression for change, for fairness & for freedom. Fanfare Label is committed to responsible business practices, as a brand we have to consider how our business is run in order to ensure both people & planet are protected. We want to make strong, sustainable choices that have a positive impact on the fashion industry as a whole and offer customers unique product.


Our ethos is built on 4 pillars:

Recycled, Contemporary, Circular, Conscious


  • Creating authentic, contemporary clothing collections
  • Empower & support people
  • Revolutionise the fashion industry
  • Set an example & bring change to the industry


At Fanfare Label we believe in acting responsibly and sustainably in all our activity and recognise that our ways of working can make a difference to our impact on the world.  We know that our customers expect us to abide by the highest standards and we seek to deliver that and to build on that trust. 


We know that fashion is a complex business that can be impactful on the environment, our communities and the people who work in our supply chain. We know that by following our values through good business practice we can help improve the lives and sustain the livelihoods of the people in the communities in which we operate and support global efforts to minimise the impact of our business on the environment.  Modern Slavery and Human trafficking are known to be some of the worst examples of human rights abuses, and we do not tolerate this in our supply chain. Our Ethical Trade Code of Conduct underpins our belief in best practice in the supply chain and describes the minimum standards that all our business partners must operate to.


We know that the raw materials used in our products contribute to the overall impact of our business on the environment and so we aim to achieve full traceability of those raw materials through our ways of working with our suppliers. Where possible we use recycled or re-purposed materials in an effort to reduce our reliance on virgin fibres and material.


We encourage our business partners to work with us and wherever possible to do more than the legal minimum and to push towards continuous improvement in their operations with regards to the key areas of ethical trading, environmental protection and business ethics.  We will work together to create a business environment that supports the delivery of our goals by making sure we understand the challenges and opportunities in our supply chain and by working in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers.

Award winning sustainable product