If we want a fashion industry based on good design and fair treatment, we need to know where our products are made and by whom. Fanfare Label produces design-led, innovative and contemporary clothing without compromising on our ethics or the environment, encouraging fair fashion and empowering people across the industry.


We believe in an industry that values people, creativity and profits the environment, all in equal measure. We want to educate and work with our customers to build a better industry from the inside. We want people to work with us, not for us.


Repurposed, Reused & Recycled

01. Considered Design


To protect our planet we use the latest innovative certified sustainable materials. The Fanfare Label collection is plastic free and materials include sustainable fabrics that are accredited by organisations including OEKO-TEX and GOTS.


Opting for a seasonless collection as opposed to trend-led ranges, Fanfare Label reduces the amount of pressure on the supply chain, allowing for high-quality design that does not cut corners in order to meet deadlines.


Our pieces are made to be investments.


02. Recycled


Whilst the fashion industry discards 2 million tonnes of clothing each year in the UK alone, 80% of this can be reused. Fanfare Label aims to help reduce this level of waste by utilising clothing and textile waste.


We take waste that would have ended up on landfill - reusing, redesigning & repurposing it to achieve a Circular Business Model.


Our zero-waste collections include clothing using zero-waste pattern cutting to make maximum use of all materials.


03. Fair On People


Our collections are produced in the UK, paying fair wages and providing good working conditions.


The localised nature of our supply chain also means that we’re reducing the carbon footprint of our garments, as we don’t have to import our finished clothes into the country by air or sea – we can pick them up ourselves from within London’s low emission zone.


04. Anti Slavery


We work with charities that empower and rescue victims of human trafficking within the fashion industry.


We partner with incredible, purpose-led charities which operate globally to create respect and to improve the quality of living for others. These charities are passionate about eradicating poverty and helping affected communities.


05. Conscious Partners


We a consistently looking for partners that have innovative practices, technological superiority in making conscious impact. Through knowledge sharing we are able to work together towards a more sustainable future.


Our business values are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


06. Positive Communications


Our marketing messaging is centred around informing our community on the importance of conscious consumption.


We put on monthly events to educate, equip and raise awareness for the need for a sustainable future.


08. Repair Guarantee


Fanfare Label offers a lifetime guarantee on all our clothing should any of your product need repairing. This to extend the lifespan of clothing & ensure we are really making our clothing stand the test of time.  


09. Packaging


We are a plastic free organisation, all our packaging & marketing materials are made from recycled paper. Our postal bags are bi-degradable and all our labelling is made from recycled polyester.


10. Circular Business Model


If your garments have reached the end of their life, to prevent any of our clothing ending up on landfill we offer a take back scheme to that we can re-use & re-purpose them.


Award winning sustainable product