Sourcing Denim For Our Upcycled Collection

Sourcing Denim For Our Upcycled Collection

We're taking you on a trip with us to the recycling plant to show you how we construct the pieces in our Upcycled Denim collection.

CEO & Founder Esther talks us through the process of upcycling denim and how we're using up wastage from the fashion industry.

Designer Monique talks us through her process of creating pieces for our Upcycled Denim collection.

Denim Cameos

If you're interested in the pieces mentioned or featured in the videos, we've listed them here for you!

Embrace sustainability with our new upcycled denim maxi skirt. Crafted with love and a commitment to the environment, each skirt tells a unique story while reducing fashion waste.
High Waisted Upcycled Oversized Flare Jean, Blue Denim
Bobby Melt Plaid Patchwork Jeans
Upcycled Bodice Denim Corset
Upcycled Deconstructed Denim Corset

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