Fanfare Label Recycled, Organic and Sustainable Denim Jeans

Bianca x Fanfare Label Keep Hold Jeans

Introducing Bianca Foley, a Sustainability Advocate. She first began dabbling in the world of sustainability around 7 years ago when she launched her first fashion e-commerce business. The website was based around reducing what you buy and creating a capsule wardrobe of incredible clothing that would last you a lifetime. Although the business is no longer active, Bianca has adopted a multi-hyphenate way of working, now as a podcaster, fashion writer, sustainability consultant and digital content creator. 

We're excited to announce our exclusive collaboration with Bianca Foley where you can shop these limited edition jeans on here alongside other Keep Hold Jeans! We visited Bianca's incredible home, where all the magic happened for this design, scroll down to have a peek inside the process.


Fanfare Label Recycled, Organic and Sustainable Denim Jeans


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The inspiration behind the Keep Hold Jeans collection is to promote longevity, to ensure customers are ‘keeping hold’ of their garments and cherishing pieces forever.

As part of this collection, Fanfare Label has teamed up with sustainability advocate Bianca Foley to design a unique pair. Trimmed with 100% White Organic Cotton Denim this piece involves patchworking giving materials a new life through various textile techniques.

“As a petite and curvy woman, finding jeans can be really difficult! I wanted to design a pair of jeans that would stand out but also feel great on”. – Bianca

Our clothing is used to educate and encourage a change in mindset towards fashion, promoting a buy to last mentality and to not regard any fashion piece as disposable.

Jeans are one of the most unsustainable products. Producing one pair of jeans requires large amounts of resources, chemicals, water & energy. The ‘Keep Hold’ jeans are made from safe and recycled inputs. Ozone and Laser techniques have been used to eliminate the use of water and chemicals in the processing of our denim, each pair saves 92% water compared to conventional jeans.

Our new jeans are manufactured in Portugal in a GOTs certificated ethical factory. Made using post-consumer recycled cotton and organic cotton, the jeans are fully recyclable. The use of post-consumer Recycled Denim ensures that existing denim that cannot be resold or repaired is worked back into the system and not headed for landfill, giving materials a new life through various textile techniques. 

Fanfare Label Recycled, Organic and Sustainable Denim Jeans

The Fanfare Label jean, is made from 69% Organic Cotton, 20% Post-Consumer Recycled Denim, 9% Recycled Bottles and 2% Recycled Polyester.

The jeans are certified for transparency and peace of mind by:

- GRS (Global Recycling Standard)

- OCS (The Organic Content Standard)

- Washed as GOTs certified laundry (Global Organic-Textile Standard)

- Made in a GOTs certified factory

- Meets OEKO-TEX standards

Fanfare Label’s new jeans are designed to stand the test of time with circularity, longevity & recycling at its core:

  1. Made from waste
  2. Made for recycling
  3. Less chemicals and water
  4. Certified factories, fabric and processing
  5. Zero Toxic chemicals
  6. Ozone and laser techniques

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