Top 50 Things To In Isolation

Top 50 Things To In Isolation
1. Plan your re-emergence into the real world outfit.
2. Do some sustainable lifestyle swaps.
3. Upcycle items you are bored with - follow us on Instagram as we will uploading how to videos over the coming weeks.
4. Colour code your wardrobe.
5. Organise a get together with your friends on Houseparty.
6. Get your Nan set up on Zoom for FaceTime calls.
8. Sell your old clothes on eBay.
9. Join your local Mutual Aid group and help neighbours who might not be coping.
10. Follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram and deep clean all those places you have been avoiding.
11. Donate some funds, if you can, to the Coronavirus Relief Fund.
12. Learn how to paint with Bob Ross.
Top 50 Things To In Isolation
14. Make wedding presents, cards and gifts for all the birthdays and occasions this year.
15. Organise a circuit session in your back garden with all the family.
16. Learn to play the spoons.
17. Support small businesses with your purchases rather than fast fashion brands.
18. Watch back to back Lord of the Rings.
19. Research your house plants and learn how to actually care for them.
20. Download old classics onto your phone like Super Mario, The Sims or Snake.
21. Learn how to do embroidery with these Vintage Kits.
22. Learn a language.
23. Register for audible and listen in the bath.
24. Buy a complicated jigsaw.
25. Do Yoga with Adriene and get fit with The Body Coach.
26. Support the Fashion Revolution and continue to ask brands #whomademyclothes.
27. Unfollow people on social media that make you sad.
28. Make combs and matts from your favourite dried flowers or left over wedding confetti.
Fanfare label sustainable women’s clothing Top 50 Things To In Isolation
Top 50 Things To In Isolation
Top 50 Things To In Isolation
29. Learn to knit with Wool & The Gang
30. Look into your history with digging into your ancestry.
31. Try on all the items in your wardrobe and get styling tips from The Muse.
32. Clean all them make-up brushes.
33. Follow make-up tutorials and learn how to do that smokey eyes or contouring.
34. Support local businesses and buy vouchers to your favourite local restaurants and bars for after they reopen.
35. Read the books on your book shelf that have been there for ages.
36. Bake, Bake Bake.
37. Bake off or come dine competitions with the family.
38. Learn coding.
39. Learn how to grow your own veg.
Top 50 Things To In Isolation
40. Learn how to be more sustainable with this great book.
41. Make a commitment to not buy fast fashion anymore.
42. Make telephone friends with an older person.
43. Register to volunteer with Age UK or NHS.
44. Recognise amazing people with the Recognised campaign.
45. Movie night with your mates through Netflix Party.
46. Make a daily thankful list.
47. Meditate daily.
48. Send an email to your future self or start a diary.
49. Celebrate our key workers and join the NHS clap for workers this evening.
50. Send emails to charities you’d like to volunteer for, ready for when this is over.

Calling All Crafters

We are calling all crafters with #WFH period to send in their craft ideas. We want to know what you are doing to stay busy and practical, as well as pictures of all your masterpieces. It can cover any category not just fashion, please upload it to social media through a post or a story, tag @fabricforfreedom and we will publish it on our page. Each we will select a #FFFcrafter winner and that person will win lifestyle sustainable goodies from our site.
Let's get creative.


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