Moving Towards A Sustainable Fashion Future

By Save Your Wardrobe

Our guest blog post this week is courtesy of the writers at Save Your Wardrobe, an app that helps you to reconnect with the content of your wardrobe, encouraging you to buy better when it comes to fashion.

Moving Towards a Sustainable Fashion Future Save Your Wardrobe

The business model of fast fashion has made textile disposal a normality. In the UK, where the clothing consumption is the highest in Europe, 26.7kg of clothing is consumed per capita per annum. Consequently, textile waste figures have increased and every second a truck full of textiles is thrown into landfill. However, 80% of the clothing and textiles that we throw away in the UK could have been reused or repurposed.


Research in the UK has shown that although people own a huge number of clothes, 66% of one’s wardrobe is left unworn, which contributes to the problem of overconsumption. An innovative solution for improving the management of one’s wardrobe is through Save Your Wardrobe, the fashion tech platform developed to support customers with fashion purchases to extend the life of garments.

With the same ideology of buying less and better, upcycling and extending the life of garments is good news for the environment and the massive waste problem in the fashion industry. In response to mass-produced, poorly made clothing with low price tags and massive amounts of waste contribution, Fanfare designs for longevity in a responsible, honest and modern way. The brand’s upcycled and vintage range collection takes product that was wastage and repairs, repurposes and redesigns them into new pieces. Fanfare bets on good design that lasts, is seasonless, stylish and in turn promotes circularity and shifts buying patterns.

The right balance between supply and demand is necessary to minimise the environmental crisis caused by the fashion industry. The amount of textile waste could be radically decreased if we would reuse and repurpose the textiles that have already been produced, without risking the depletion of natural resources. The adoption of circularity is vital for a healthy future of the industry and the environment.

Fanfare have chosen to highlight Save Your Wardrobe because of our shared dedication to helping close the loop on fashion production. By making smarter purchases and holding ourselves accountable for prolonging the lifespan of garments in our wardrobes, we can work together towards a waste-free fashion future.

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Upcycled Charcoal denim jeans with wool patterned stripes

Organic Cotton kharki Utility Cargo Pant with two side pockets & buckles on the ankles. Sustainably made in the UK by ethical clothing brand Fanfare Label


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