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By Fanfare Label

Today we are meeting Lynette Ong, founder of affordable luxury jewellery brand Edge of Ember, to discuss the inspiration behind the brand, her style inspiration and the biggest challenges since beginning the brand.

Fanfare Label in a discussion with Edge of Ember

First thing you do when you wake up?

Get woken up by my two kids and then fuel myself with coffee for the day ahead!

What inspired you to start Edge of Ember?

I did a lot of travelling around Asia whilst working as a trader and was inspired by the talent and skill of the local craftsmen in countries like Thailand, India and Bali. The 'Made in Asia' label often comes with the image of cheap, mass produced products. I wanted to dismantle that and shine the spotlight on the fantastic craftsmen I met.

Coolest thing that's happened since starting your business?

100% seeing Meghan Markle wearing our pieces was so exciting! She truly embodies the Edge of Ember woman and I couldn't have chosen a better ambassador for the brand. Another very exciting recent project is our pop up in Selfridges, having a spot in such an iconic department store is pretty momentous.

Biggest challenge since starting?

Wanting to do everything at once! We have lots of creative and exciting ideas at EoE, but as a small team we also have to be realistic with what we can achieve and prioritise the most important projects.

Fanfare Label in a discussion with Edge of Ember

If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it be?

Accessorise! With two kids and a business I don't have much time to think in the morning, as long as I have my favourite gold huggies and necklace layers on I feel instantly more put together.

Dream dinner party guest(s)? 

Taylor Swift! I LOVE karaoke and she is always my go-to karaoke choice, so it would be a dinner party/karaoke night!

Must follow Instagram accounts?

@mignonettetakespictures has the cutest animal content, @thefatjewish never fails to make me laugh and @aimeesong for style inspiration.

What's your top tip for being more sustainable?

Investing in timeless pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear again and again and will never go out of style.

Fanfare Label in a discussion with Edge of Ember

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