10 Ways To Make Fashion Sustainable in 2021

Looking back on 2020 for the fashion industry the pandemic’s impact was felt far and wide. 2020 will forever be remembered as the year the industry woke up and realised that its house had long been on fire, and finally decided to do something about it.

However, this year in 2021 it’s time to keep this momentum going and up our efforts towards revolutionary change. Re-shaping the fashion industry and it’s un ethical habits is not something that can happen overnight. But pushing our hope that a fairer, more conscious fashion industry is even a possibility that can be achieved through joining in the fight and sharing the progressive morals and ethics that members of a generation and fashion talents proudly boast.

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Fanfare's 2021
Vision Statement

Our movement is focussed on bringing permanent change to the fashion industry by minimising our impact on the planet and concentrating on ethical treatment of people, always promoting human rights while highlighting flaws in the system. We are committed in operating ethically and transparently, creating timeless goods that adhere to as many of these values as possible. we are always looking for ways to minimise our own carbon footprint further, whilst bringing together consciously-created goods made by people who care.

We see a fashion industry that needs to be changed for the good, which can only be transformed through our own actions. With systemic and structural change, the fashion industry can lift millions of people out of poverty and provide them with decent and dignified livelihoods. We want to see supply chains free from poverty, free from fear, violence and slavery. Reaffirming our commitments to human rights and ending exploitation.

We fight for an industry that does not enslave, endanger, exploit, overwork, harass, abuse or discriminate against anyone. Instead, where fashion liberates workers and wearers and empowers everyone to stand up for their rights. Becoming a message of hope and giving people a voice.

Using clothing as an expression for change, for fairness and for freedom.

We are always aiming to expand our vision to offer assistance to more issues that we can help resolve. Encouraging an inclusive world in which the needs of the most vulnerable are met. We can do this by supporting charities and partnerships that hold the same values we do. Working together to revolutionise the industry accounting for those who make our clothes and protecting our planet.

10 Ways To Make Fashion Sustainable in 2021

“We love fashion. But we don’t want clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet. We demand radical, revolutionary change”. Fashion Revolution

  1. To create a brand that measures success by more than just sales and profits. Fashion places equal value on financial growth, human wellbeing and environmental sustainability. 
  1. Growth to enable us to make more of an impact for the charities we support. Organising events and funding initiatives to help those who have been victims of both human trafficking and suffered exploitation due to the unfair practices of the fashion industry.
  1. Make fashion that is transparent and accountable. Fashion embraces clarity and does not hide behind complexity nor rely upon trade secrets to derive value. Anyone, anywhere can find out how, where, by whom and under what conditions their clothing is made.
  1. To generate awareness of our brand that will in turn help promote sustainability. By working with likeminded collaborators, we can stand against harmful practices and offer consumers an alternative, a place to shop that does not compromise the environment or people. 
  1. Create fashion that never unnecessarily destroys or discards but mindfully redesigns and recuperates in a circular way. Fashion is repaired, reused, recycled and upcycled. Our wardrobes and landfills do not overflow with clothes that are coveted but not cherished, bought but not kept.


  1. To continue to stand up for workers rights. Do not ever enslave, endanger, exploit, overwork, harass, abuse or discriminate against anyone. UK factories that we can visit and work closely with the people making our clothes. Continue to empower and provide dignified working conditions paying attention to Health & Safety.
  1. Fashion provides fair and equal pay. It enriches the livelihood of everyone working across the industry, from farm to shop floor. Fashion lifts people out of poverty, creates thriving societies and fulfils aspiration.
  1. Expand our organic cotton ranges and invest more into new technological fabrics that are sustainable. Plant based fabrics that do not harm the environment and avoid the use pesticides. Using fabric that does not deplete precious resources, degrade our soil, pollute our air and water or harm our health. 
  1. Expand our product ranges with innovative designs. Produce more collections that celebrate creatively inspired fashion, beauty and femininity. We celebrate those with an independent spirit, experimenting with new concepts to create bold shapes with a sense of wear-ability from a collage of fabrics and silhouettes.
  1. Inspire fair fashion that empowers and influences the current industry. Give people a voice, making it possible to speak up without fear, join together in unity without repression and negotiate for better conditions at work and across communities.
Our upcycled & recycled blue high waisted jeans, come with patches. They are relaxed fit and have rolled up cuffs. Fanfare Label is a sustainable women’s clothing brand, using organic & recycled materials, all our product is handmade in the UK. Our ethically produced clothing is seasonless & of high quality.


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